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Patchwork Pulse Newsletter, Issue #029
December 20, 2011

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Patchwork Pulse brings you the latest quilting news, tips, techniques and how-to information!

Patchwork Pulse, Issue #029
December 2011

In This Issue:

Greetings from Gloria

Jesus Christ

Greetings, Quilters!

It's a sad situation. This month, I've been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger.

Between spending time with my family, revising my book, finishing this newsletter and Christmas shopping, I've neglected my sewing time!

I realize many of you are busy as well. So, I'm going to keep this issue short and sweet.

Why You Shouldn't Cut Batting
on A Cutting Mat

Do you trim your batting on your cutting mat? If so, you've likely seen tiny pieces of batting sticking out of your cutting lines.

These fibers make your mat look less than ideal, and they can be difficult remove. Worst of all, they affect the accuracy of your rotary cutting.

So, what's a quilter to do? Simply turn your cutting mat over to the back side. Yes, you can use both sides of your mat. Or, you could use an entirely different mat to cut your batting. Make a promise to yourself that you'll never cut batting and fabric on the same surface.

What if you want to remove the particles from your existing mat? Avoid the urge to use abrasive cleansers. They can scratch your mat and remove the printed ruler lines. Here's a few safe recommendations:

  1. Mix a mild detergent with some warm water.
  2. Loosen surface fibers and dirt with a soft bristle brush. You can use a soft toothbrush, a napped lint brush or a Mushroom brush.
  3. Some quilters use a Tri-Sharp Mat Smoother.

Remember, to get the most life out of your cutting mats, cut batting and fabrics on separate surfaces, and clean them with a mild detergent from time to time.

Free Pattern of the Month:
Sweet Treat Bag

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Please stay safe through the holidays. We'll talk in 2012!


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