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Patchwork Pulse Newsletter, Issue #032
April 25, 2012

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©2004-2012 Gloria Massard. All Rights Reserved.

Patchwork Pulse brings you the latest quilting news, tips, techniques and how-to information!

Patchwork Pulse, Issue #032
April 2012

In This Issue:

Greetings from Gloria

Hello, Everyone.

As I started to write this newsletter, two gorgeous bluebirds appeared outside my office window. They rested on a nearby branch without a care in the world.

I paused in amazement at the beauties in my midst. This event reminded me that it's important to take a moment out of my busy life to appreciate things otherwise unnoticed.

In this month's issue, we're going to talk about...Read more

Announcement: My Revised
E-Book is Finished!

Good news! I've received tons of emails from readers who want to know when my revised e-book will be back on the market. I can happily say that the answer is now!

The new edition promises more content, better graphics and a totally...Read more

Conquer the Quilt
Home Study Course

Eco-Friendly Quilting

The other day, I saw a newscast about landfills. It made my heart sink. I love planet Earth, and the sight of this decaying debris was more than I could take.

I asked myself how I could possibly make a difference. After all, this is a global problem. Maybe I can't solve things on a worldly scale, but I can do my part in my own community. And, you can, too!

You might be interested to know...Read more

Tips for Terrific Quilting

  1. Use a dryer sheet to remove sticky residue from your iron. Set your iron to a low heat setting. Then, glide your iron over the dryer sheet. Presto! The residue is gone.

  2. A tip that has been such a help to me in applique, or machine embroidery is: when using a stick-on stabilizer or fusible product, use a pin to...Read more

    Free Pattern of the Month:
    Butterfly Barcode

    View PatternView Fabric
    40" x 50"

    If you want to sew a super simple quilt, this one is sure to please! Just sew strips of fabric together, and you've got yourself a quilt. You can change the mood of this design by the fabrics you choose!

    Until next month, happy quilting!


    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us and tell us what you think!

    ©2004-2012 Gloria Massard. All Rights Reserved.

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