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Patchwork Pulse Newsletter, Issue #009
April 01, 2010

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Patchwork Pulse, Issue #009
April, 2010

In This Issue:

Greetings from Gloria

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I'm so glad spring is here again. For those of us who live in snow country like me, it's a most welcome break. This warm weather makes me want to sew a quilt using pretty pastel fabrics.

Actually, I'm in the process of sewing two pastel baby quilts for my daughter. Yes, I'm going to be a first-time grandma in August! At first, I couldn't decide which pattern to sew. They were both so darling. So, I decided to make them both! I'll share photos of them when I'm done!

Joining a Quilt Guild

Algonquin Quilters Guild
"The World's at Their Fingertips"
designed by Dori LeStarge
Do you love to quilt, but your friends and family are less than enthusiastic when you talk about it? Do you need advice about a current project, or inspiration for a new one?

Wouldn't it be nice to mingle with like-minded quilters who share your love of quilting?

Perhaps it's time to join a quilt guild. A quilt guild is a group of dedicated quilters (of all skill levels) who meet periodically to:

  1. Socialize and make friends
  2. Share common interests
  3. Learn, teach or improve quilting skills
  4. Share quilting projects
  5. Sew projects, either as a group or individually.
  6. Sew and donate quilts to charities
  7. Preserve the quilting tradition
Finding the Right Guild for You

What type of quilting does the group specialize in? For example, do they focus on applique, traditional, or art quilts? Do they prefer making quilts by hand or machine? Some groups include all types of quilting.

Do you live close to the guild? If you want to develop warm relationships, you must be willing to attend the meetings on a regular basis. If the guild is too far away, you might be tempted to skip meetings.

How do you find a quilt guild? Inquire at your local quilt shop. The employees might be members of a group, or perhaps the group meets at that particular shop.

Check the yellow pages or classified ads in your local newspaper. Or,

Visit the National Quilt Guild Listings site.

Free Pattern of the Month:
Katie Jump Rope

Katie Jump Rope
Gather all your fabric scraps and create this darling quilt! You can also use fat quarters and fat eights to sew this quilt. The pattern is visually appealing and ever so easy to make.

Gloria's Favorite Gadgets:
3-in-1 Color Tool

Color Wheel Tool
3-in-1 Color Tool
Do you cringe at the thought of coordinating fabrics? Well, you don't have to anymore. I've discovered a color-planning tool that makes it easier than ever.

The 3-In-1 Color Tool was designed especially for quilters who have trouble picking out complementary fabric colors.

It contains 24 dual-sided color cards that are bound together at one corner. This allows you to fan out and display as many cards as you want.

Sample Color Palette

So, how simple is it to use? Just choose a color scheme from the six options provided, then select an accent color. Now, you're ready to visit the fabric store!

Joen Wolfrom has included everything you need to attain the color confidence you desire. Here's a few more features of this awesome guide:
  • Uses the Ives Color Wheel
  • Fits easily into your purse or glove box
  • Two color value finders (in red and green) for determining contrast without color distraction
  • Three fabric preview windows to audition your fabrics
  • Saves you money by preventing you from making bad fabric purchases
  • Saves you hours of frustration and guesswork
  • Includes a handy ruler!
The 3-In-1 Color Tool puts the pleasure back into quilting and lets you create beautiful, color coordinated quilts every time.

Quilt Shows & Contests

April 2010

April 15-17 -- Providence, RI
Machine Quilters Exposition
More Information

April 16-18 -- Rosemont, IL
International Quilt Festival/Chicago Quilts, Inc.
More Information

April 21-24 & 26th -- Paducah, KY
American Quilter's Society Quilt Show and Contest
More Information

April 29-May 2 -- Denver, CO
Denver National Quilt Festival V
Mancuso Show Management
More Information

May 2010

May 6-8 -- Salt Lake City, UT
Home Machine Quilting Show
More Information

May 12-15 -- Overland Park, KS
Machine Quilters Showcase
More Information

June 2010

June 17-19 -- Columbus, OH
National Quilting Association Quilt Show
More Information

June 17-20 -- Essex Junction, VT
Vermont Quilt Festival
More Information

July 2010

July 10 -- Sisters, OR
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
More Information

July 14-17 -- Knoxville, TN
American Quilter's Society Quilt Expo
More Information

July 22-25 -- Hershey, PA
Quilt Odyssey 2010
More Information

July 23-25 -- Long Beach, CA
International Quilt Festival Quilts, Inc.
More Information

August 2010

August 19-22 -- Manchester, NH
World Quilt Show-New England
Mancuso Show Management
More Information

September 2010

September 16-19 -- Oaks, PA
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVII
Mancuso Show Management
More Information

September 16-19 -- Ste Marie aux Mines, France
16th European Patchwork Meeting
More Information

October 2010

October 6-9 -- Des Moines, IA
American Quilter's Society Quilt Expo
More Information

October 14-17 -- Santa Clara, CA
Pacific International Quilt Festival XIX
Mancuso Show Management
More Information

November 2010

November 4-7 -- Houston, TX
International Quilt Festival Quilts, Inc.
More Information

November 12-14 -- West Palm Beach, FL
World Quilt Show
Mancuso Show Management
More Information

Closing Thoughts

Next month, I'm going to host a free drawing for a special quilting product. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter which will contain more details. I look forward to sharing more fun and creative ideas with you in May.


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2010 Gloria Massard

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