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Mar 06, 2011
How i baste any size quilt on any size table.
by: Anonymous

Find the center of the table and tape a small button to this spot.
Fold the backing in quarters (wrong side together first)lay right side down placing the folded corner to the centered button.

Unfold the backing. It is now centered on the table. Smooth out the fabric evenly and use masking tape to keep the edges in place. Use bulldog clips to secure the overhang on both sides. Fold and centre the wadding and quilt top in turn. All layers should be smooth and wrinkle free. Baste using your preferred method.

Remove the masking tape and clips and slide the quilt forward to baste the overhang which is then on the table top. Reposition the tape and clips to keep the backing wrinkle free. The overhanging quilt sandwich helps with this. Baste this section as you did the first part.

Shift the quilt again as before to complete the basting, again securing the backing to the table to keep it smooth and wrinkle free. I use this method for safety pin basting and thread basting by hand.

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