What do you do if your batting is not wide enough for your quilt top? Can the batting be pieced together to fit?

If this is possible, how do you do this? Can you baste it together to fit?


Yes, you can baste batting pieces together. Quilters do this all the time. It's a great way to use up batting from previous projects.

Make sure the batting pieces have the same weight and fiber content. For example, if your main piece is low-loft, 100% cotton, then use the same batting for the other piece.

A lot of quilters hand stitch their pieces. That's because batting stretches easily, and they have more control this way. Always handle your batting gently to avoid unnecessary stretching.

It's a good idea to choose a thread color that matches your batting. That way, your stitches won't show through the fabric layers.

How do you sew your batting together? Here's the two most common ways of doing it. You can sew your pieces edge to edge or overlap them for a more accurate fit.

To Summarize:
  1. Use the same weight and fiber content.

  2. Match thread color to batting.

  3. Hand stitch the pieces.

  4. Handle batting with care.

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