Card Tricks Quilt

by Ann

I wish to make a King size quilt using this pattern. Could you help me with the amount of material required? Thanks.


In order to give you an estimate on yardage for the Card Tricks quilt, I'd need to know the size of your blocks, whether you're going to add sashing strips or not, and how wide you plan to make your borders.

Since my business keeps me really busy, I don't have time to figure out everybody's yardages. But, you can quickly and easily find the answers with the "Quilter's FabriCalc". This calculator was made for quilters and their specific needs.

For example, you can figure out fabric yardage for all your blocks, sashing strips, borders, backing and binding strips. It will even tell you what size to cut your pieces. It's amazing! I have one and I love it. Have fun!

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