Colors Running on a Quilt

by Bea Mohsinger
(Boynton Beach, Fl)

I prewash my fabric before I sew my quilts, so I was surprised to see that the color from the red fabric in the quilt I had on the back of my couch has run in several places. It happened when rain came through an open window.

How can I safely remove the red from the lighter fabrics? I am afraid to put it in the wash because I worry that the rest of the quilt will also run.


Red dyes have enormous "staying" power. So, don't blame yourself. Here's a few products that other quilters use to remove dyes. I know you don't want to wash your quilt again, but that's how these products work. Good luck!

  1. Woolite Dye Magnet
  2. Shout Color Catcher
  3. Rit Color Remover
  4. Carbona Color Run Remover

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