Cutting Borders on
the Lengthwise Grain

What a wonderful site this is. So many interesting questions. You have already answered many of mine. I am making a quilt that has a border with a one-way design. The instructions tell me to cut this border on the lengthwise grain.

Exactly, how do I cut a strip on the lengthwise grain? Any directions you post here will be so greatly appreciated. Thank You!!


Cutting borders on the lengthwise grain (see graphic below) is always wise, because it's stronger than the crosswise grain.

However, you must consider your directional print. Does the print run lengthwise or crosswise? If it runs lengthwise, then cut your strips on the lengthwise grain.

If it runs crosswise, then you should cut your fabric on the crosswise grain. In your case, you should maintain the integrity of the print.

Here's a graphic I made to show you how to cut border strips on the lengthwise grain. Be sure to cut off the selvages first.

Cutting Lengthwise Strips

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