Dry Cleaning a Quilted Blanket

by Monica

I just finished a patchwork quilted blanket that has flowers with petals all over. As I made the mistake of only prewashing some of the fabric on this blanket, and not the backing and batting, is it safe for me to dry clean it?

You've not mentioned anything about dry cleaning quilted blankets, and I wonder if there's any reason for this.


Dry cleaning is NOT recommended. First of all, the cleaning agents are carcinogenic (cancer causing). Secondly, these chemicals break down cotton fibers, causing your quilt to deteriorate over time.

You've also got to think of your health. Do you really want to cover up with a quilt full of cancer-causing chemicals?

If you really want to clean your quilt, use a commercial washer. Choose a gentle detergent like Ivory Snow or Dreft. If you prefer liquid detergent, make sure it's dye and fragrance free.

Let your quilt soak for about ten minutes before washing it on a warm, gentle cycle. You'll also want to choose a cooler dryer setting, such as permanent press. Or, air dry it at home.

Thanks for your dry cleaning question.

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