Fabric Crayons for Coloring Fabric

by Patricia
(Fort Worth , TX)

A friend told me of coloring fabric with Crayola crayons, somehow setting it in the fabric to make a quilt. Do you know of this technique?


Crayola has a product called "Crayola Fabric Crayons." They're designed especially for fabric. Here's how it works: You draw your design on a piece of paper, then iron it onto your fabric.

These crayons work best on synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon. That's because Crayola fabric crayons contain a dye that bonds well with synthetic fibers, but washes out of natural fibers like cotton. So, if you're working with 100% cotton, you'll need to use a different product.

Crayola fabric crayons show up better on white fabric. You'll notice that the colors look dull as you apply them to paper. But, once you iron them onto your fabric, they transform into bright, attention-getting colors!

Now, if you're working with natural fibers, these products should serve you well.

  1. Pentel Pastel Fabric Crayons

  2. DriMark Fabri-Mark Markers

  3. Jacquard Tee Juice Fabric Markers

Thanks for your question regarding fabric crayons. I'm sure others will benefit from this information.

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