Flying Geese Units

I have yet, in the past 7 years of quilting, (and I consider myself a pretty accurate piecer) been able to master making a star block, which uses flying geese units, so that there is an equal distance (ideally, 1/4")from the points of the unit to the edge of the block.

Some will be 1/4", some will be less, some will be more! This is soooooooo frustrating! In addition, my block will almost always finish up with unequal measurements; i.e., if the block is supposed to finish at 6 1/2", mine will be 6 1/2" one way and 6 3/8" the other way!! What is my problem?


A lot of quilters struggle with flying geese units. You sew them together as accurately as possible, but the seam allowances aren't consistent.

Well, there's hope for everyone. I discovered a flying geese ruler that ensures accurate seam allowances every time! You can see exactly how it works by watching the demonstration video.

In the video, Eleanor shows you how to sew geese units with a regular ruler and a flying geese ruler. It's pretty amazing. The method she uses differs from the one I use in my lessons, but it works wonderfully.

Here's the video link:  Flying Geese Ruler Demonstration

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