How Much Fabric to Buy

Can you help me figure out how much fabric I will need to make a queen size quilt using your pinwheel block pattern? I love your your website. I am a beginner quilter so this is a great help! Thank you!


In order to make a queen size quilt with six-inch pinwheel blocks and sashing strips, you'll need to sew 10 blocks across and 11 blocks down. Your quilt will then measure 87" x 95". Here's the yardage amounts:
  • White Pinwheel Fabric= 4 1/2 yards

  • Blue Pinwheel Fabric= 4 1/2 yards

  • Sashing Strips= 4 yards

  • Border= 2 3/4 yards

  • Binding= 1 yard

  • Backing= 9 yards.

    You'll have to sew 3 pieces of fabric together to cover the back of the quilt. First trim off the selvages, then cut your pieces. Don't forget to add 4 inches to each side of your quilt.

    For example, if your quilt measures 87" x 95", the backing should measure 95" x 103" when sewn together.

    Or, you can buy fabric in widths of 104"-108" wide. This makes it much easier, but of course it's going to cost you more. It's totally up to you which one you choose. Good luck!

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