Kathy's Lone Star Quilt

by Kathy Julian
(North Bend, WA)

I began at the age of 19 as a newlywed, to teach myself how to quilt (using what I thought was a cute pattern sold off of a rotating rack in a fabric store). I obviously knew little about quilting, because I decided to make it king-sized, and to hand-quilt it. Five years and several grey hairs later, I had a decent-looking quilt that reminds me of my roots in quilting.

In the 28 years since, I still love to hand quilt when I have the time, but with homeschooling 4 kids under the age of 8, my time is a bit more limited. I steal moments in the evenings when the kids are in bed to piece and quilt my projects. I machine quilt most of my quilts and wall hangings, and just this spring, learned to long-arm quilt. I truly love to quilt, and on the days when the kids have me hanging from a thin thread, I find myself retreating to my spare room to "touch fabric", even if only for a few minutes. And, of course, I've learned to label ALL of my quilts so that someday, my daughters and sons can remember when and who made them, even if I can't :)

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Feb 17, 2011
Dear Linda
by: Kathy

There are some really great books that are available at most libraries that can answer most of your questions better than I can, and walk you through the whole quilting process, from choosing the right fabrics and thread to the right batting and how to put the whole "sandwich" together.

I have found quilting to be a really great, relaxing hobby, and hope that you find it so as well. Good luck!

Jan 30, 2011
Learning - need advice
by: Linda

I'm starting my first quilt. I bought the muslin for the back, and a thin batting at JoAnns. I also bought some 100% cotton fabric, but I have lots of fabric and a good sewing machine. I've laundered and cut the fabric, but I'm still trying to fiqure out how the quilting gets done. I've cut the muslin and middle layer, and want to put the squares together next. Do you hem the squares before you start to finish the seams, or is that overkill? It seems easier to just double stitch them. I don't want them to come apart after the quilt is finished. Is a cotton sheet a good thing to use for the border? (I found one in the right color on a sale table at Bed Bath and Beyond, it's 350 count egyptian cotton.) It seems I'm finding more questions, as I go along.
I was confident when I started.
I appreciate any advice I can get.

Dec 27, 2010
I completely understand.....
by: Debbie from Jersey City, New Jersey

I read your story and understood how you felt when you said if you can just touch the fabric, you were ok. I am the same way. I grew up with my great-grand mother,grandmother, mother and aunts from Virginia doing their quilts. My mother would say "this was my skirt from highschool, my blouse from elementary school", etc. They are beautiful. When I was younger (maybe 20-21,) I didn't appreicate the gift of their quilts. I allowed it to dry rot. We had had it for many years and well, I never paid attention to the care of it. As a 48 year old adult, I learned to appreciate the gift. I was able to secure one before my grammy passed last year. It is lovely and in pristine condition. Soft and colorful and handmade by the women in my family.

I know what it's like when the days roll into each other and you wonder when you'll be able to get to that machine. When I sit there, I am so peaceful. I never followed many of the "rules" of quilting and didn't do too bad either. Your message inspired me for the first time since I joined to reply.

Thanks for that/ Deb

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