Lengthwise or Crosswise Sashing and Border

by Laurel
(Granville, MA)

Having lots of small pieces of fabric I decided to make some quilts for a homeless shelter. I have finished two tops and am pleased with them. Now I am doing sashing.

I went to the computer (my teacher) (your site is wonderful) and have conflicting instructions on whether to cut the sashing and borders lengthwise or crosswise.

It would be easiest for me to cut the sashing that goes across the quilt crosswise (i.e. fabric width of strips) but I started with the sashing lengthwise between the blocks.

Is it important to keep the design of the fabric the same (matching)? Do I want to cut them crosswise (selvage to selvage) or lengthwise (along the selvage edges)?


For the least amount of stretch, cut along the lengthwise grain (parallel to the selvage edges). Also, be consistent. Cut your sashing and border strips from the same grain line.

For example, if you cut your sashing strips along the lengthwise grain, then cut your border strips on the lengthwise grain, too. This helps to prevent wavy edges.

In my sampler quilt lessons, I give the option of using the crosswise grain. That's because the strips are short. But for longer strips, definitely stick with the lengthwise grain.

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