Lengthwise Rotary Cutting

by Rhonda
(Paducah, KY)

You recommend in several of your answers to cut fabric lengthwise. I understand the concept but I have no idea how to do it. I have only cut crosswise in the past.

Do you fold your fabric several times along the length or what? I am a very early beginner and thank you in advance for the help.


Lengthwise rotary cutting is easy to do. It's only a matter of rotating your fabric and your mat. Here's how to do it. Rotate your mat to the left, so it's longer from top to bottom. Place your fabric on the mat so the selvages are on the left and the fabric fold is on the right.

Next, cut off the selvages. Quilters don't use selvages because they're too tightly woven. Once you've removed the selvages, you can start cutting your strips.

Cutting Lengthwise Strips
You could fold your fabric before you cut it. However, I would only do so if I needed to cut a lot of strips. It's easier and more accurate to cut two layers of fabric.

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