Machine Quilting Queen Size

by Linda
(BC Canada)

This site has great ideas to upgrade my old knowledge. Thanks a bunch! I was quilting 30 years ago, and I am just returning to the hobby. Quilting the layers was done by hand on a homemade frame.

I want to finish my quilt myself, not send it out to a professional machine quilter. Can I machine quilt a queen size (3 layers) on a standard size sewing machine? If so, how? Could I roll the quilt? Would it fit under the machine?

Machine quilting a queen size quilt can be a daunting task. The extra bulk and weight make it more challenging to quilt. But it can be done. Here's a few hints:

Support the Weight of Your Quilt

Tables are a godsend when you're working on a large quilt. They support your quilt, so it won't hang over the edge or fall to the floor. This gives you more control over the movement of your quilt, because you're not fighting all that weight.

Ideally, you should place a table behind your sewing machine and another table to the left of your machine. In this way, you're supporting the entire quilt. If you can arrange it, place the tables in a corner so there's no space between them and the wall.

Position the Quilt Under the Sewing Arm

There are two ways to do this. One way is to roll up the sides of your quilt. For an illustration of this technique, please see this Quilting for Dummies page. It has lots of tips about machine quilting.

Or, push the right side of your quilt under the sewing arm, and let the quilt move freely. You'll have a wad of fabric on the right side of your needle. But some quilters swear they get more range of motion this way, as opposed to rolling the sides of their quilt.

Support the Front of Your Quilt

Pick up the quilt section that's in front of you. You can either place it in your lap, or hang it over your left shoulder for support.

Start Quilting

Start at the center of the quilt, and work toward the outside edges. This prevents tucks and pleats.

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