Prevent Fraying Fabric?

by Martha
(Phoenix, AZ)

Help! I'm having trouble with fraying fabric. After I remove my fabric from the washer, it looks like a twisted, knotted rag! I trim off the tangled threads and throw the fabric in the dryer.

The fabric still frays. What a mess! How can I stop the fabric from fraying? Thanks for any suggestions that you may offer.


Fraying fabric is frustrating. I've experienced this firsthand when I was a new quilter. But I learned a few tricks on how to tame those pesky threads! Here's a few of them:
  1. Wash smaller pieces of fabric by hand, or place them in a lingerie bag before you wash.

  2. Sew zig zag stitches along the raw edges.

  3. Cut a triangle (1/4" - 1/2") off each corner of your fabric.

    Trim Fabric Corners

  4. Serge the raw edges.

  5. Sew the raw edges together to form a tube.

  6. Cut the raw edges with pinking shears.
Washing & Drying Tips

Set your machine on a gentle cycle and warm water wash. As it's filling, add a small amount of detergent. I recommend Orvis or Woolite. Unfold your fabric and place it in the washer. Make sure you distribute fabric evenly.

When the wash cycle completes, remove your fabric. Unfold it (if necessary). Tumble dry on a low-heat setting until fabric is slightly damp. Remove fabric from dryer and press to remove wrinkles. You can also air dry your fabric as well.

You can control fraying fabric. And, when you do, it makes quilting a whole lot easier!

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