Quarter Square Triangles

by Linda

I am trying to make a quilt and I am new at quilting. But it said it was for beginner. It starts with a nine patch which I square up to 9 1/2. Then on all four sides of the nine patch (and this is where I have the problem) you take a 3-inch square and sew a quarter square triangle on each side.

When I sew them on and then try to put two block together the blocks don't match up at the points.I don't know what I am doing wrong I hope you can help. Thank you.


Linda, I want to answer your quarter square triangles question, but I need more information. I know it's hard to explain things when you're just beginning.

So many images come to mind as I read your question. Perhaps you could upload a photo of your block and quarter square triangles? That would help me to understand your question. From there, I'll give you the correct answer. I'll wait to hear from you again.

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