Quilt Backing Yardage

What are the approximate yardages of fabric for backing for twin size, full size, queen size and king size quilt? I know there is a general yardage figure but have forgotten what it is.

I have the opportunity to purchase some fabric at a good price for a quilt I am in the process of gathering fabric for, but don't have my quilt finished to measure. Thanks.


Here's a quilt backing yardage chart. It tells you how much backing fabric you'll need for various-sized quilts. Please remember, though, these are only estimates. Some quilters say you need a little more, some say you need less.

I previewed a lot of charts, and they're all close in approximation. I'd just round up to the next quarter, half or whole yard measurement. For example, if the chart says you need 5 1/4 yards, I'd purchase
5 1/2 yards. Or, if it says you need 6 1/2 yards, I'd purchase 7 yards.

Buying extra fabric is a good thing. You'll have extra fabric if you make a mistake. And, if you don't use it in your quilt, you can add it to your fabric stash. That's the sign of a true quilter.

Thanks for your question about quilt backing yardage.

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