What is a Quilt Sandwich?

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Quilt Sandwich A quilt sandwich refers to the three layers of a quilt: The quilt top, the batting and the backing. The photo on the left shows an example of the three quilt layers.

To make the quilt top, you sew all your blocks together in horizontal and vertical rows. Then you add your border.

The batting, or filling layer makes your quilt fluffy and gives it a cozy feeling. Since it's thicker than fabric, batting insulates to keep you warm.

The backing, or bottom layer, covers the batting and completes the sandwich. For small quilts, a single piece of fabric covers the entire back. For larger quilts, you'll need to sew two pieces of fabric together.

Attaching the Layers

Once you arrange the three layers, it's time to baste. Basting secures the layers so they won't shift or pucker while you're quilting.

The layers of a quilt sandwich are the secret to the quilt’s universal appeal. Store-bought blankets can’t compete with a cozy quilt made by loving hands.

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