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How do I figure out how many quilt squares I need for a king-size comforter? My sister wants me to do a quilt for my nephew that will be home from Iraq in July!

She purchased all the material. But she wants to use a king-size sheet for the base and sew 7-inch squares on the sheet. But to alternate one camo square and one black square.

Should I be making 7-inch squares in the black also, like the camo or not? Thanks for your time.


It's noble of you to sew a comforter for your nephew. What type of fabric did your sister purchase for the squares? Is it 100% cotton? That would be the best material for this type of project.

Yes, you would cut all your squares (black and camo) to measure
7 inches. However, I want to discourage you from using a regular bed sheet for the foundation.

Bed sheets have higher thread counts than quilting fabrics. Higher thread counts mean denser fabric. That being said, it's harder for your needle to penetrate dense fabric (regular bed sheets).

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