Quilt Wall Hanging

by Sue
(Hamburrg, NY)

I am on a committee that is establishing guidelines for our next quilt show, and we are trying to come up with an average size of a wall hanging.

We realize they can be just about any size, but we want to differentiate it from miniature quilts which is a separate category. What is considered an average size of a wall hanging?


Hello Sue. The average size of a miniature wall hanging is 24" x 24" or less. The average size of a regular wall hanging varies. So, I decided to check 10 quilt contests to see what their entry requirements were. I got a lot of different answers! Here's a few of them:

Wall Hanging Entry Requirements
  1. Between 97" and 269" in perimeter

  2. Perimeter no more than 200"

  3. Small wall hanging 96” perimeter maximum

  4. 40" to 60" in width and a length of 40" or more

  5. Large wall hanging 60" to 110" in width and a length of 40" or more

  6. Circumference less than 264 inches

  7. At least 25" x 25" (no less than 100" around outside edges)

  8. Must not exceed 40” x 40”

  9. Maximum 60" x 80" long

  10. Smaller than a bed quilt
I was amazed at all the wall hanging size variations. Since it's not an exact science, you should choose a happy medium, something you feel comfortable with. If you stay within these guidelines, you should be just fine.

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