Quilting Fabric

by Marilyn Clare

I am familiar with cotton quilts, but a friend of mine recently went to an auction and bought a quilt called an "Amish Broken Star." But it was made out of a polyester type fabric. Is this usual or did she get ripped off?


If your friend finds the quilt appealing, then she didn't get ripped off. It's not unusual for quilts to be made from polyester/cotton blends, although quilters usually prefer 100% cotton. That's because cotton breathes well, sews well and doesn't pucker as much as polyester. All in all, it's just plain easier to work with.

But if your quilt contains polyester and it looks well-made, don't worry about it. One difference you might notice is that your polyester quilt will feel much warmer than a cotton quilt. Polyester doesn't breathe, so it holds in a lot of heat. This can be a good thing if you live in a colder climate.

One word of warning though, polyester melts when exposed to high heat, like fire. So, don't let children sleep with it. Thank you for your question.

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