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I was wondering which quilting foot on the sewing machine would be better to use. I have a darning foot I purchased and then the 1/4" foot. I read that they are both for quilting but did not know which one was better, or do I need them both and use them at different times?


When you're sewing seams, use the 1/4" foot. It's made especially for quilters who need to maintain an accurate 1/4" seam allowance. This is important, because accuracy means everything when you're sewing a quilt.

Use the darning foot for "free motion" quilting. In free motion quilting, you lower (or cover) the feed dogs on your machine. Then you attach your darning foot (quilting foot). The darning foot hovers over your quilt layers. It never makes contact with your fabric at all.

Because your feed dogs and darning foot aren't holding your quilt layers together, you can move your fabric in any direction you desire (free motion). Quilters love using this quilting foot. It gives them the freedom to create custom quilting designs.

For machine-guided quilting, attach a walking foot. This time, leave your feed dogs up and lower your walking foot onto your quilt layers. The walking foot and the feed dogs "grip" your quilt layers and feed them through your machine at an even rate. Use this quilting foot for "grid" line or stitch-in-the-ditch techniques.

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