Quilting Supply Organizers

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Sewing Machine Cabinet

I love my quilting supply organizers. When I sit down to quilt, all my supplies are within reach and ready to go. That means less time searching and more time quilting. My grandmother always said, "Everything in its place, and a place for everything."

There are many ways to store your supplies. You can choose from: sewing baskets, travel totes, totes on wheels, sewing machine totes, or top-of-the-line caddys.

Other handy items include a thread rack, a ruler rack, and my personal favorite, a fat quarter tote. Check out these popular quilting supply organizers:

Sewing Cabinets
Homespun 3701 Sewing Center - Clean White

Sewing Baskets
Smartek RX-12 Sewing Basket with Accessories

Travel Totes

Totes on Wheels
ArtBin® Round About Tote

Machine Totes

Hemline®  Deluxe Sewing Machine Trolleys

Thread Rack
June Tailor Spindle Thread Rack

Ruler Rack

Fat Quarter Tote
Fat Quarter Tote

I hope this list of quilting supply organizers has been helpful to you.


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