Rag Quilt Sizes

How many 5-inch squares does it take to make a twin size bed rag quilt. Also how many 5-inch squares does it take to make a full-size bed rag quilt? Thank you!


What seam allowance are you using for your rag quilt? The larger your seam allowance, the more blocks you'll need. A 5-inch square finishes at 4-inches, if you sew 1/2" seams. But a 5-inch square finishes at 3-inches if you sew 1" seams. Get it?

One problem though. Standard quilt sizes vary. For example, one person says a twin measures 68" x 92, while another says it measures 63" x 87". And the same is true with the full size quilt.

So, you must first determine the finished size of your rag quilt. I've created two charts to help you. Use the first one for 1/2" seam allowances. Use the second one for 1" seam allowances.

Let's do a quick calculation, so you'll see how this works. Suppose you want your quilt to finish at 68 x 92.

  • Step 1
    Find 68" on the left of the chart. The number to the right means you need 17 blocks across.

  • Step 2
    Next, find 92" on the left side of the chart. It says you'll need 23 blocks down.

  • Step 3
    Multiply 17 x 23. You'll need 391 (5" squares).
Follow this formula for your full-size quilt. Have fun!

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