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Some quilters think rotary cutting tools are the best quilting supplies ever invented. And why not?

They accurately cut multiple layers of fabric in record time. A word of warning, though.

Handle your rotary cutter with care. It's super sharp, so always cut slowly and wear your Klutz Glove. Rotary cut quilts are fast, fun and easy to make. No matter what project you decide to make, you'll want to have these rotary cutting tools on hand. 

Rotary Cutter

This tool cuts through many layers of fabric like magic. Always use it with a self-healing mat.

Rotary Cutting Mat

I use two different mats: a 24" x 36" for cutting long strips of fabric, and a Spinning Rotary Mat. It turns in circles so you don't have to reposition your fabric. A must-have item!

Rotary Ruler

Use gridded, acrylic rulers with your rotary cutter and mat. I recommend sizes 6" x 24" and 6" x 6" for starters. Many sizes are available.

Quilting Ruler Rack

Once you start collecting rulers, (and we all do), you'll need a ruler rack. I have one and I love it. The rack stores your rulers in an upright position, which means it saves space.

Always store and organize your rotary cutting tools. For one thing, it keeps them clean and in good condition. For another, you always know where to find them! Rotary cutting tools aren't cheap. But once you see how much time they'll save, you'll realize they're worth every penny. 

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