Storing Quilts in Plastic

by Sybil Mensch
(Hindsville, AR, USA)

I was wondering about storing quilts in those space bags advertised on TV, the ones where you suck all the air out after zipping them closed?


I do NOT recommend storing quilts in plastic, especially sealed plastic. Fabric is a lot like us, it needs to breathe. If it doesn't get enough air, mold and mildew can form.

Plastic doesn't breathe, so consequently, it traps air and moisture. This is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to develop. You want to avoid this at all costs.

Plastic also contains harmful acidic chemicals. These can interact with your fabric and cause staining and deterioration of the quilt fibers.

So, what's the best way to store your quilts? Place your quilt in a cotton pillow case or wrap it a cotton sheet. You could also purchase an acid-free storage box and acid-free tissue kit. Lots of quilters use this method, because it preserves the quality of their quilts. Wrap or layer your quilt in the tissue sheets, then place your quilt in the box.

Store quilts in a cool, dark, dry place. Attics and basements aren't usually good choices, as they're too damp. Choose a location on the main floor of your home, because it's insulated and temperature controlled.

Thanks for your question about storing quilts in plastic.

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