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I just want to say I LOVE your website! Your instructions are very easy to follow, and the diagrams are extremely helpful. I've visited many websites and yours is the best. I'm making my first quilt and I'm already hooked. Thank you for providing so much helpful information.


You are a blessing to all quilters. I found your website through a suggestion from someone on a forum I visit sometime. Your lessons and tips are very easy to understand and follow, and some of which are a confirmation of what I have been using. I am encouraged to continue and not give up. By the way, I live in Michigan.


Thank you, thank you for your wonderfully clear directions on quilt making. After reading so many books on quilting I had become very confused. Your directions and illustrations are very clear and to the point. For a hands on learner I had no trouble following any of them. I have a young friend who wants to learn to quilt also, and I am sending her to your site.

Claudia Kroll

I just finished reviewing your web site and want to tell you that it is one of the best ones for beginners and anyone who needs a refresher course. Thanks for all the great diagrams. They really help.

Vera Wittchen

Hey there.

I wanted to say that I just found your website, and I can't wait to get started! I don't even know how to thread my machine yet, but I thought quilting would be a good way to learn how to sew (ok, I didn't learn "girly" stuff when I should have) and at the same time have something worth keeping at the end.

I like your step-by-step approach (I am, by profession, a chemist), and if anything would work for a blockhead like me (pun intended), that will! I will let you know how things go.

Thanks again,

Barb Carwithen

I LOVE your site. I've wanted to teach myself how to quilt for a long time but have been somewhat intimidated by it, so I never took the time. Like you, so many of the books seem confusing and I've just gotten frustrated with them.

Your site is so straight forward. It's very refreshing to just read the basics. As a beginner, that's all you need. The rest will follow. I LOVE your site and thank you so much. I'm so glad I stumbled onto it. Keep up the good work.

Sandy Miller

I found your website about a year ago. I hadn't sewn in years and decided to look into machine quilting and your site was extremely helpful. Great, simple and valuable information with easy-to-follow instructions. I learned to quilt with your help.

Thanks so much for sharing your skill, talent and knowledge. I love quilting and just finished my fourth quilt in my first year of quilting!! I'll send pictures soon. Thanks again!!

Wendy Wycoff

I decided one day I wanted to make a quilt. So I went out and bought a sewing machine. Then I went to the fabric store and bought a pattern and the required materials listed on the package. The clerk at the store told me it was an easy-to-follow pattern (they must not know what easy means lol).

So instead of giving up, I decided to look for clarification on what I should be doing and found this site. It was great and helped me to make my first quilt. I just wanted to say thank you for making this site. I am 25 years old and a stay at home mom with 3 kids ages 8, 3, and 1. Thank you so much for your site!!!!!!!!!!


What a super site you have created. I am an avid crochet person and have recently been told no more crochet because of elbow surgery etc. I have all the supplies for quilting and never could find a person or web-site that I could follow, till now. Yours is incredible and I hope I have the stamina to continue to learn the great things I've read here. Thanks for a great start. Sincerely,

Ellen Cox

An angel you are! Tonight I renewed 17 quilt books from the library for the second time and started to look for baby quilt patterns on the web when I came across your site. The looking is over.

The instructions are so easy to read and understand. I think I can finish this quilt by the week-end. At least I will give it a try. You will be the first to know how it goes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Elaine McConville

Thank you so much for such clear, well written, well illustrated instructions for sashing a quilt. This has made putting my quilt together a really easy job, and I am in your debt.

Marjorie Eiseman

Your website is really great! I have recently decided that I wanted to make a quilt, but didn't have any idea where to start. I looked into the community college and kits on ebay, but the cost was more than I could afford. I did a search for web help and there you were! I've already started on the blocks and it's really cool!!!! Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!

Pana Buescher

Two of my closest friends are both going be new moms. Since I have some sewing experience, I thought I'd make them each a beautiful quilt! It's a timeless and useful gift! But then I thought to myself, "This is gonna be difficult if I know nothing about quilting."

So I did a little searching around on the net, and I came upon your fanastic website. Not only is it clear and extremely easy to understand, but it's EXACTLY what I was looking for! Step by step, from buying the fabric to putting it together and everything in between! Thanks so much for the great advice! Wish me luck on making my very first quilt!

Marnie Hutton

I have been searching for "how to" websites to teach myself how to quilt. My grandmother always quilted and I never learned how. I'm a young mother now and am wanting to make quilts for my family and children.

I am so excited after reading your website. It's so straightforward and step by step. I love it. Thank you so much for helping me realize my dream of being a "quilter". I can't tell you how grateful I am to have the instructions and encouragement you've provided!

Erin Rosfeld

Love your site. It explains a lot. Yes, I want to make myself a quilt. Thanks to your site I'm going to make myself a quilt. I wish I had came across your site before now. GREAT site. I will send you a picture of it as soon as I can. I'm on a very tight budget, so it may be a little while. Thanks for good info.

Joann Branham

I am totally new at sewing. I tried out the beginner wall quilt and did a great job. I am so excited!! Your directions were so easy to follow, especially for someone who has only hand-sewn a button!!

All my blocks are done and I am getting ready to cut my border. Thanks so much for this website. I was having a terrible time finding someone to teach me the basics. Once I am done, I plan to do a bigger quilt......perhaps a throw. Thanks again.

Kim Davis

I found your website by mistake and I am glad!!!!! I have tried and tried to quilt and became so upset I put it away and just give up. I have Mutiple Sclerosis and I have a hard time trying to remember steps.

Even in classes they don't explain it as well as you do. I called 5 family members and gave them your website so we can all learn together. God Bless You. Thank you so very much. I can't wait to get started now!!!!!!!!!

Torena Butler

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally I found a site that gives me all the help I need as a novice to the quilting world. I am so happy I didn't have to fill out a questionaire to simply see the "FREE" patterns and what was on your site. The instructions are clear and the graphics are wonderful to help me visualize what I am suppose to be doing. Thanks again!

Susan Baglien

I just want to say, "Thank you and God Bless." I have wanted to try and get into quilting, watching programs on tv, I feel like I can do this and would be good at it. I am very crafty and sew garments, but did not know how to get started with quilting. I am going to make this sampler quilt.

Again, thank you for making this web site available, and making it so complete with not only patterns, but terminology, and tips.


Thank you for this website. I am a very very beginner and I have been searching for a few days for complete and easy to understand explanations. I have read through a lot of sites and from them I have gleaned the basics. But most give only bits and pieces to tantalize and tease.

You are very generous with your knowledge and gift of this wonderful art! Once again thank you for sharing and helping so many people in answering boundless questions! God bless. Have a wonderful Christmas season to you and yours.

Molly Butson

Dear Gloria,

I just found your site, and I wanted to thank you. I have been having troubles with instructions since my surgery. Things seem mighty confusing. I have read your directions and they are coming through bright and clear to me and I have been able to make quilting squares happen. Thanks for inventing your site. Happy Holidays.


I am expecting my first grandchild and have been debating whether to tackle the task of sewing a baby quilt. Not sure where to begin, I started searching the web and 'bumped' into your site. THANK YOU!

Wonderful, practical, straightforward, down to earth information. I now have enough confidence to get started. Thank you for putting this information out there. You're the BEST!

Donna Botelho

Awesome site, very easy to follow for a beginner quilter. Thank you for taking your time to make things easier for another beginner to understand.

Merle Graham

What a wonderful website you have!! I am FINALLY going to attempt to make my son a log cabin quilt using your simple and easy to understand directions. Thank you for sharing and I hope others enjoy your site as much as I have. God Bless and have a wonderful day!

Theresa Gregory

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website and the clear as crystal instructions/pictures. I only recently caught the quilting bug and just don't have the time to take lessons and no one I know quilts.

So the internet has been my source of information, which is great but can be overwhelming too. I came across your site when searching for a way to add a sashing to my Sun Bonnet Sue quilt.

Your instructions were clear and easy to understand. Yes! Yes! Yes! While I haven't thoroughly investigated all of your website yet, I really think you should write a book on how to .... I'd buy it :) Thank you Thank you and Thank you!

Sandy Chase

I love your site. Your instructions are so detailed, so easy to read and to follow. I am a beginner, and I was so afraid to reach out. But with your help, I can. Thanks so much and God bless you. There are not very many people who think of others and how to help them. Again I say thank you.

Jeri Doucette

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for a super site. I have been sewing for many years and I always intended to get around to patchwork, but never quite made it - until 3 days ago when I found your website!

I have made all the blocks in your lesson (plus the friendship star) and I hope to get the rest of the material I need to finish my first quilt this week!

I found the instructions very easy to follow and your obvious enthusiasm is very inspiring! Will send you a pic once I have finished my quilt, thanks again.

Claire Francis

I just received Jan's email with the website link to your wonderful, and very encouraging Sew a Quilt site. I am the president of the Bees. The Vegas Quiltin Bees will fall in love with it and our beginners will find it easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

Kathy Melcic

This is a fabulous site! I want to link to it from our non-profit guild's website, and we would also like to make a donation to your website and be able to teach from your lessons.

Our group has quite a few new quilters, and this would be an ideal tool to use to help them learn, and the rest of us will certainly learn alot also. Thank you for a wonderful resource!

Jan Verden -- Utah Quilt Guild

I just found your site and I think it is wonderful, your instructions are very easy to understand and since I have only been quilting for about 4 years and have made 4 quilts, I still feel I am a beginner and have a lot to learn, keep up the great work.

Elizabeth Logan


I came across your website and guess what?! I'm hooked! After reading all about quilting, I decided that it is time to give it a go! I have always wanted to make a quilt but with kids, career, home, etc. I just never could find the time.

Well I'm committed now after reading your lessons. Wish me luck (I'm gonna need it). I will definitely send you a picture when I'm done.

Karen Frost

Again I can't thank you enough for having this website available for the total beginner like me. Of all the books I have purchased, you are the only one who can see the occasional overwhelming frustration a beginner can feel on their first project.

There are moments where I have questioned if I should give up. But I refuse to! Many thanks again! I hope you will feature more quilt projects on your site some day.

Amy Dorgan

For a beginning quilter (starting long after several careers which were wonderful), I have really enjoyed your SewaQuilt Free quilt patterns & quilting lessons format.

I have several beginning quilting books...but this process you've formatted is by far the easiest to follow for a 'slow' beginner! Thanks so much!

Joan Baldwin

Hi- I'm new to the quilting world, and after looking at many, many quilt sites... ...I so very much appreciate the simplicity of your teaching 'us newbees'!

You do not overwhelm me with the instructions, which sure does help keep the confidence level up! Thanks for all your time and effort in putting it all together, making available a great teaching tool.


I just wanted to say thank you for making such an extremely helpful website. I am new to quilting and didn't really know much about basics or where to begin so reading this definitely helped me out. I can't wait to get started now that I have learned so much!


Thanks so much for your wonderful instructions for the above sampler. I have never done any quilting but found this to be very easy to follow. I was very pleased with the finished project.

Wilma Bilyeu

Thank you so much for all of your information on your web site. Now if I could just remember it all! I hope it will be available for years to come. Thanks again.

Ellen Bohnert

I just had to write to thank you for all the wonderfully written instructions, hints, and other resources on your website. After 30 years of working full time I have recently found myself with a lot of time on my hands.

I have always sewn clothing and other times for the home but I wanted more of a challenge. Due in large part to your website, I have learned to quilt and I am hooked! Thanks again.

Paula Deitz

I love your web site! I am a self taught quilter and your tips and advice have come in handy! Can you post more? Love 2 Quilt!

Anne Carey

Wow! I saw my quilt and my name under the student quilts. I feel like a celebrity. Thanks so much. I tell everyone about your web site. This was the very first quilt I did and I made it 1/31/06. Thanks again.

Doris Brazelton

I came across your web site and I just love it. I am a beginner and I cant wait to make my first quilt. If you have a newsletter, I would love to subscribe. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Jeri Doucette

My dear lady, I find your lessons very easy to understand. I'm a beginner in quilting, and I just love it. Many thanks to you for kindness and a lot of help. Many thanks.

Lidiya Besedin

Thank-you. I just finshed my first quilt, and I love quilting. Yes, I'm so happy I started with a small quilt first. Doing your sampler quilt made me fall in love in quilting. Thank-you. I look forward to making more, hopefully from one of your patterns.

Ann Thomas

I am enjoying your site very much. I am a beginner quilter and your site seems to be very user friendly.

Carol Roberts

Thank you! I wish I knew about your site 6 years ago when I started quilting. Like you, I've learned by trial and error from every book I could find on quilting.

I thought I had all the basics down, since I've been quilting for 4 years. But, what do you know? I was reading your basics and I learned something I didn't know! Thank you for sharing!

Jo Ann Hammerquist

Another quilt lover from the endless mountains of PA!

Dear Gloria,

I just wanted to say thank you! I was so excited to find your website. I am new to quilting and this site is so imformative. I am looking forward to getting started and will rely on your site for all of the basics to get me through. Thanks again.

Marci Carpentier

Hello, I just found your site by chance, and because I have spent so much money on classes, fabrics, and books etc., I still could not produce anything worthwhile. I gave up and put everything away. Now I am retired, in an apartment, just lost my 21-year-old grandson to cancer, and desperately looking for something to fill my time and ease the broken heart.

I decided to try and find a site that I could follow, and there you are! I am going to get a new sewing machine as mine is packed away in a basement with some of my other things that I lost interest in. It was old and needed servicing. The local store has a good sale on machines and I think all I need is a basic machine. So tonight I am going to get out the fabric and all the other gadgets I bought and start again.

A friend told me an angel will help you to get something to fill your time and come disguised as someone else!!! I dismissed this, I am ashamed to say. Now I think it is true. I will let you know how I get on with the sampler quilt. Who knows, I might one day manage a big quilt. Thank you so much. Your instructions are excellent and so encouraging!!

Mary Scanlan

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