Yes, You Can Sew a Quilt...
It's Easier Than You Think!

Discover the Professional Tips, Tricks and Secrets of Sewing your First Quilt!

Hi, I'm quilting teacher, Gloria Massard.

Dear Quilting Friend,

Have you always wanted to make a quilt? Are you confused about where to begin? Perhaps you tried to sew a quilt in the past, but threw your hands up in frustration?

There must be an easier way, right? The answer is an astounding "YES!" There are many secrets and shortcuts the pros use to sew their quilts. But, where do you find them?

Look no further than "Patchwork Quilting for Beginners." I created this exclusive home study course to help you succeed in sewing your first quilt...the EASY way!

I'm passionate about this course, because I've been in your shoes. I was a beginner who desperately wanted to sew my first quilt. Unfortunately, quilting classes weren't offered in our area, so I bought a few quilting books and jumped in with both feet.

It wasn't easy, though. Often the pictures and instructions were vague and confusing. You practically had to be a brain surgeon to figure them out!

It didn't help that I was impatient. If there was a faster way to sew a quilt, I wanted to know about it. So, I scoured all my quilting books for every shortcut I could find. My sleuthing paid off, and I managed to sew a quilt in record time.

Since that time, I've collected a treasure trove of quilting secrets and shortcuts--the same ones the pros use!