Using a Walking Foot and Uneven Stitches

by Dee

Hi Gloria.

I'm not a novice quilter, but I'm not sure exactly how to use the "bar" that came with my "walking foot." Does it go on the left or right side? I even have 2 bars, so should I use both of them to quilt a grid pattern on my quilt?

Also, when I'm practicing on my "sandwich" quilt, I've noticed that my stitches are not all consistent. Some of them are perfect, but some of them are smaller than others. I have a Husqvarna "Rose". Thanks for any help you can give me.


Uneven stitches can be caused by many things, notably:
  1. Using the wrong sized needle for the thickness of your quilt layers.
  2. Thread weight isn't consistent with your fabrics.
  3. Tension needs adjusting.
  4. Forcing your fabric through your machine too quickly.
  5. Walking foot isn't attached properly.
Instead of telling you how to handle this (there are too many variables), I suggest you go to the store where you bought your machine and let them answer your questions. Also, have them show you how to apply your walking foot. Hands-on learning works best in your case. Thanks for your question.

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