What is Fusible Batting?

by Martha
(Phoenix, AZ)

I've heard a lot of talk about something called fusible batting. I don't know a thing about it. What is it? Can beginners use it? Is it expensive? Please give me more info on this batting. Thank you.


Fusible Batting: Batting that has fusible web on both sides.

Quilters love using fusible batting. That's because they don't have to baste with pins, tacks or stitches. Think of how much time they'll save NOT having to avoid and remove pins! And, if they need to rearrange the layers, no problem; They can reposition the fusible batting at any time.

To use fusible batting, arrange your quilt layers and then press with an iron. The fusible web holds the layers together while you quilt. This helps to prevent puckers on the backside of your quilt.

One of the best features of fusible batting is that you can hand or machine quilt it. So, everyone can use it, including beginner quilters. It's a little more expensive than traditional batting, but it's well worth it.

Keep a few things in mind when using this batting:
  1. Follow the instructions on the package exactly.

  2. Practice on a smaller project first. Tackle a larger project when you feel more confident.

  3. Always use quality batting.
Fusible batting is fast, fun and easy. And it's accurate, too. I tip my hat to the person who came up with this amazing product!

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