What is the Name of this Block?

by Brittany

What is this block? It is pieced like Dutchman's puzzle but the center blocks have the sky fabric the same as the geese in the outer blocks. Making sort of an elongated pinwheel.


Quilt block names vary according to their design, their date and their region. A single block can have several different names. That's because people from other cultures identify with the block differently than other segments of the world.

To make things even more confusing, a quilt block's name can change by repositioning the fabric colors. For example, the quilt blocks below are identical. They all contain "Flying Geese" units. But their color placements are different.

Dutchman's Puzzle Blocks

The first block might be called "Dutchman's Puzzle" or "Flying Dutchman." The second block might be called "Flying Geese" or "Dutchman's Puzzle." The third block might be called "Windmill" "Double Pinwheel" or "Flying Geese."

Now you know there's more to quilt block names than meets the eye.

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