What Size Should a Crib Quilt Be?

by Meredith

With the pattern I made, the blocks come out to be about 45 X 45. I haven't added any borders yet. Will it look funny if it is a square?

The finished blocks are about 7 inches. I could make 2 more rows which would make it about 45 X 60 with no border. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!


Usually, crib quilts measure between (36" x 50") and (36" x 60"). Quilters make them 36" wide because this allows them to use a single, 44" wide piece of fabric for the backing.

There are no set rules, only suggestions as to how large to make a crib quilt. The idea is to make it large enough to cover the crib mattress, with a little extra for snuggling. Sounds like you've got both of those covered.

Your quilt is large enough for a crib quilt, so you don't have to add borders. But, if you want to make it longer, you could add the two rows you talked about. Or, you could cut (two) 3" x 45" strips. Then sew them to the top and bottom of your quilt. Your quilt would measure 36" x 50". You could also just finish the quilt as is.

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