What to Do with 4-Inch Quilt Blocks?

by Christina
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I just ordered a bunch of 4-inch quilt blocks from Ebay. They are all kinds of purple. I want to make them into a quilt for a friend.

However, I am a beginner quilter and I am not too sure what I can do with them, other than sew them all randomly together and end up having a random purple quilt.

Do you have any ideas that could make it a little bit more interesting yet still a simple project that I would be able to sew together?


Christina, you didn't say how many quilt blocks you bought. If you have a lot of them, you'll have more options. But if you have a limited number, you might want to consider making a table runner or a baby quilt.

Remember, too, that once you sew your blocks together, they will measure 3 1/2" square. That means you'll need quite a few blocks to make a quilt of any significant size.

Here's a few things you can do to add interest and to enlarge your quilt:

1.  Add sashing strips. You can make them any width you want. Sashing strips add interest, and they separate busy designs.

2.  Add alternating quilt blocks. Cut solid-colored squares the same size as your purple blocks. Sew a solid square between each purple block.

3.  Add a wider border.

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